Quality & Safety

Qualitech follows all the safety requirements norms, promoting continuous improvement in working conditions and guaranteeing a safe and healthy workplace. Qualitech establishes systematic actions to control, monitor, and prevent environmental impacts and risks to the health and safety of the projects that we working on, requiring all employees to observe and comply with all norms and to take special care to prevent accidents and ensure a healthy workplace, including using the mandatory personal protective equipment.

Quality management aligns organizational knowledge and resources to achieve reduction, elimination, and, above all, prevention of deficiencies, focusing on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Quality management plays a vital role within the Company. From the implantation and implantation of the Procedures and Work Instructions, giving support to the employees in all our works, until the fulfillment of the clients’ requirements, through the conformity of the services, prevention, and identification of the non-conformities, training, and qualification of the employees, documents and records and audits for the maintenance and improvement of the System, always seeking continuous improvement.