About us

Qualitech Owner Consulting aims to help project owners find solutions and improve their processes to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing requirements typical in most projects. We believe in constant and sustainable process improvement based on careful analyses and implementation of best practices.

We strive to work together with our customers to analyze the projects and find the best-integrated solutions and best practices in all project phases. Our mission is to help our clients fine-tune their process without causing major disruptions to the project workflow.

Qualitech operations were started in 2009 in Brazil as per the name Comtech Management, performing Site Supervision, Quality Representative, and Construction Management to Petrobras. The partnership with the biggest oil company in South America brought a great experience to the company partners. Qualitech was responsible for assisting the client in performing the subcontractor’s management, project management, and QC inspections on the construction and assembly of oil storage thanks, refinery utility lines, steel structures for oil platforms.

In 2018 Qualitech open operations in Canada as a consultant to Empire Industries, performing construction management and QC inspections on the construction and assembly of the steel structures to Universal Studios Park in China and the US.
In 2020 the operations in Canada started to grow. Qualitech has as a client EMB Management, performing QC inspections, Subcontractor Oversight, and Quality Representative to Fortis BC, on distribution and transmission lines.

This experience enables Qualitech Owner Consulting to instantly bring an array of analytical knowledge and hands-on solutions in Construction Engineering, Project Management, and Industrial Quality Control to the project’s Owners.

The continuous development of a solid partnership with our customers, establishing solid operations in Canada – British Columbia, been recognized by the local market as a consolidated company in the management of industrial projects is our long-term goal. Always keeping the integrity and safety of our employees and consultants, respecting the environment and people diversity.